Could machines using artificial intelligence make doctors obsolete?

The technology of these tools is evolving rapidly. Standalone machines can now perform limited tasks raising the question of whether machines will ever completely replace doctors?


Professor goes to Prison LOSES 1v1 Prison Inmate

#GoesToPrison Series by Prison Fellowship

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(Its impactful and a look at me really speaking to the prisoners off the court. Similar to the end of this video)

This was a tough game against this Prisoner that beat me, but I respected him for hitting jumpers like that lol.

I went to the prison with the mission of speaking to inmates, told them my life story. I got to see their life behind bars for a day up close and of course hooped with them. Incredible experience. I would actually say it was life changing.

Special thanks to Prison Fellowship for making this visit to prison possible.

This was directed and produced by @JayLyonsProductions


Executive produced by Topher Hall (@topherhall)

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Some Facts About Food4Patriots

Food4Patriots is a long-term survival food option created BY patriots, FOR patriots! Food4Patriots consists of prepackaged kits of high-quality survival food rated to last for 25 years, packed in safe, lightweight, watertight storage bags. Offered at 72-Hour, 1-Week, 4-Week, 3-Month and 1-Year kits, Food4Patriots will provide you the best peace of mind your family is ready for whatever.

Food 4 Patriots

  All products in the Food 4 Patriots kits are manufactured in the U.S., and are claimed to be yummy, free of GMO ingredients and chemicals, and simple to store. According to the organization’s website, none of their food is either freeze dried or dried, instead they use a unique low heat dehydration method to dry the food, which is then added it to high-efficiency Mylar packaging. When taken collectively, this is promised to keep it fresh for up to 25 years, while also locking in all the vital nutrients.

  All of Food 4 Patriots food kits come with free shipping and handling.If you are frustrated with your Food 4 Patriots goods, they’re insured with a 60-day money back guarantee, less return shipping and handling charges. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason within the first 60 days, just ship the products back to the company (at your expense), together with your order confirmation number, or the email address you used when purchasing.

Although, the likelihood of someone cashing in to the warranty is slim to none, if you think about the circumstances that would need to be present for you to wish to open it in the first location.

Looking to attempt Food4Patriots first?

The 72-Hour survival food kit can show you first-hand how delicious being prepared with sufficient food can be. You may even stash those Food4Patriots meals for on the go, your vehicle, cottage, or bug out bag.

The #1 Key Ingredient To Detoxing & Burning Body Fat

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Hey, guys, it’s Thomas, and today I want to talk about true detoxing.

So first and foremost, let me be honest here…our bodies are naturally equipped to be able to detox, with the use of glutathione.

0:38 – Glutathione is an antioxidant that prevents damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species.

However, what we have to factor in are all the toxins we are exposed to: heavy metals, pollutants, and chemicals. This is more than what our bodies are accustomed to handling. Today, I want to focus on heavy metal detoxing.

Now heavy metals come in through a variety of different ways, but they predominantly come in through eating seafood. Now these metals are very hard to remove…they sit in your cells and soft tissues, making it hard for our bodies to truly get rid of them.

Now this is where chlorella comes in…

1:46 – Chlorella is a green freshwater algae native to Japan and Taiwan rich in numerous micro and macro-nutrients.

So what chlorella does, is it adds additional molecules that allow your body to bind with those actual heavy metals, and then flush them out of your system.

3:15 – Heavy metals have to go through chelation, which is the binding of molecules to these heavy metals in order for the body to actually process and excrete them. So, since chlorella has these molecules, it gives our bodies a natural ability to detox a lot more effectively, and there are a lot of studies that have proven that!

So there are a few different ways to take chlorella…

4:50 – The first way is to take chlorella with meals to stop heavy metals from being absorbed.

5:06 – The second way is to take chlorella on an empty stomach to eliminate any extra toxins in the gut.

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Unlock Your Fat-Burning Potential Today:

1 Tip to Burn Fat For Your Body Type

Have you ever felt frustrated because you don’t have a waist like your neighbor? Or shoulders like a celebrity? Or a butt like your best friend?

It’s a fact of life… we are all born looking a little different. There are many different shapes and sizes out there!

Each body type is beautiful and unique, but many come with their own stubborn weight challenges. This can be frustrating when you are in a group of friends and you realize that all the stuff that works for them simply doesn’t work for you!

Once you figure out your body type, here’s a guide of the best fat-burning exercises for YOU. Plus, some of the best foods to eat! It is a little different for each type so be sure to take the time to figure out what type you are.

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Tips To Utilize Kinetic Attraction To Encourage Women To Approach You

Regardless of the fact that the approach is truly among the parts of relationship, it stays among the most terrifying for men.

Men wish that women would make things simpler by being willing to take the initiative themselves.

But, despite social advancement and also the ardent wishes of many, most men, the approved cultural narrative places the onus on guys to make the initial move.

There are girls who only prefer guys to be the aggressor and will not be the one to approach them.

Find out more about Kinetic Attraction here: Kinetic Attraction Review.

However, there are also plenty of girls who can and do approach guys, provided he is the right man.

To begin with, you want to relax. People are an empathetic species, we pick up on one another’s emotions and that could directly affect how we feel. When you’re coming off as stressed or upset, you’re likely to wind up earning the people around you feel uneasy.

If you are relaxed, they’ll feel rested.

Go ahead and take a deep breath, hold it for a count of five, then exhale slowly.

When you exhale, let the tension drain out of your shoulders and limbs. Above all, however you have to make eye contact and smile. One of the explanations for why women don’t approach is due to how many guys react badly to women making the first move. Making eye contact and giving a relaxed, genuine smile is a indication of confidence and friendliness. Averting your eyes or avoiding eye contact tells people that you don’t wish to talk to them and will make people prevent you rather. Wish to let women know it’s OK to come talk to you? Have a page and provide them what is known as a strategy invitation. Because girls are taught not to show too much overt curiosity, they have quite a few of non-verbal ways of producing themselves approachable and making sure that men know it is ok to return to them, even a mixture of smiles, body language gestures and cues.

If you want to indicate to some woman that you are receptive to being approached, then you want to employ a similar approach. The easiest way is to make eye contact with the person, especially if she’s been checking you out, smile and orient your body towards her; this indicates that yes, you saw her detecting you and you’re interested in her. Guess what? As intimidated about approaching her when she’s with all of her friends, as you feel? She believes the exact same way about approaching you when you’re with yours. Approaching someone you do not know who is in a group is not any less intimidating when you’re a woman. So if you want her to approach you, you need to make certain to give her an opening.

What Are The Benefits Of The Peruvian Brew Powder?

The brew is a mix of plant and herbal extracts are three thousand years old and are known to combat erectile dysfunction difficulties. There are unique ingredients and all of these are of premium quality. This program has provided results to its users. This program is constructed from all natural ingredients and there are adverse effects and not any problems. It is going to offer you powerful, harder and stronger erections in just a couple doses. A business called Edge Bioactives, the firm that made Spartagen XT manufactures it. Brew is a special nutritional supplement designed to enhance overall sexual performance and erections in men. This boner brew utilized a number of the herbaceous plants herbs found from the areas of the Peruvian Andes. These herbs are common herbs that have been used by Peruvian improve sexual function to enhance sex drive and excite sexual appetite. This brew was made to supply nutrients which are lacking in a normal diet, which supplies an improved libido, sensitivity, and blood circulation.

This supplement is just a recipe from Erect on Demand, but because of positive reviews from the users and the increasing demand for his specific formula, this supplement came into being. It’s an simple to use powder that comprises the exact same plant extracts and also an amino acid found in Erect on demand, that you simply blend in a glass of water, which will help reverse your symptoms of erectile dysfunction one glass at a time.

The Brew produced with natural ingredients is a approach to reverse your symptoms of dysfunction and isn’t made in a lab.

Find out more by reading this article: The Peruvian Brew.

The Brew works to relax the blood vessels, which increases blood flow, boosts nitric oxide and enhance feeling and sensitivity.

It’s intended to function as alternative drugs and remedies which claimed reverse or to improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. With each purchase of the product, it comes with the book Erect on demand, which will be a comprehensive manual guide for ED solution and along with the 5 bonuses to help live a truly fulfilled life. It is an excellent product and you’ll be able to order with confidence since it’s backed by a full satisfaction.